1. Does DufnetShop ship worldwide? And what about the shipping fee?

Dufnetshop ships products worldwide even if you are not in North America. And it is free shipping.

2. Where do you ship from?

Dufnetshop’s partners are from China. So if you buy two more different items, it may be shipped separately.

3. How long can I receive my items?

In general, after you placed your orders, it’ll process in 24 hours. Then it may need about 10~30 business days (PS: North America countries may be faster than other countries). You can contact us at support@dufnetshop.com for specific shipping times.

4. Can you refund if I didn’t receive the items after 2 months?

YES, if you didn’t receive your items after 2 months, contact us and we will refund.

5. I ordered two items, but only receive one. Why is it?

In this situation, you may ordered two items which are come from two different partners’ factories. So they are shipped separately. And you’ll receive two packages at last.

6. Is there any delays in holidays?

YES, if you buy items in some holidays. The items cannot arrive on time generally.

7. Will I be charged any custom fees?

Sorry, We are not responsible for any custom fees once the items have shipped.